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“Thank you so much for a very informative and enjoyable lecture.  I don’t think we’ve ever had a talk with such a varied selection of images from unfamiliar artists.  It will certainly encourage a different approach with our own compositions” 

Epping Art Society


"Martin has a reputation as a great inspirational and educational speaker"  - Letchworth Arts Centre.


“I would like to send our appreciation of the excellent talk you gave last Wednesday. Your obvious expertise with paintings of England was well received by our members and it was kind of you to answer all our questions.”

St Albans Art Society


“Thank you for the excellent evening you gave us on Thursday. It is really refreshing to see portraits and landscapes described in different terms. The members find the separate strand of analysis that you provide to be very thought provoking."

Watford Camera Club


"Martin's highly informative and entertaining lectures capture the imagination of the novice and the enthusiast alike. He takes his audience into the world of painting from new directions."

Arts Culture Harrow


"Martin's talk was a fascinating and revealing illumination of an often neglected area of the artistic process - we look forward to more of the same!"
Guildford Art Society

"Many, many thanks for a very instructive and interactive evening. The slides shown covered a wide variety of artists and there was something to suit all tastes. All the members thoroughly enjoyed it and we hope to have you back again in the not too distant future."
The Slough Art Society

"Thank you very much for giving a most interesting talk at short notice. I am sure we will all look at the works of the great masters with a fresh eye, and may even take a sketch book when we next visit a gallery! The slides provoked a lot of discussion." 
Ruislip Manor Art Society

"A fascinating, in-depth look at how paintings are made which will be of great benefit to how we think about our own paintings"
Hillingdon Art Society


"Your slide-lecture was enormously appreciated by everyone. We all recognised the value of a new perspective in appraising paintings, which will encourage us to study the Masters' work in a more critical manner, and hopefully enhance our own work. Thank you very much and we all look forward to more."

Pinner Sketch Club

"Our residents benefited enormously from the talks, which were not only intelligently given but were also extremely interesting and thought provoking."
Chalfont Lodge Nursing Care Centre

"A succinct and knowledgeable talk, accompanied by attractive slides, was delivered with a charming manner and occasional flashes of humour. Just the right level of erudition for the amateur artist and art lover. We can heartily recommend his well-researched presentation."
Watford & Bushey Art Society

"An interesting and wide-ranging selection of artists was professionally presented for discussion. The talks were informative, entertaining and humorous. The most popular booking in our calendar."
Chorleywood Westminster Art Club

"Thank you for a highly educational and humorous evening. Our eyes and minds were encouraged to explore paintings in a new enlivened way. We were enriched by the experience."
National Women's Register, Pinner


"Very many thanks to you for coming to Hertford to give your lecture. The subject attracted a good turnout of members and there was something in it for every one of us. The post-mortem afterwards awarded your lecture top marks!"
Hertford Art Society


"Thank you for your informative, entertaining and humorous talk. The evening went extremely well and was greatly appreciated and enjoyed by our members."
Bricket Wood Art Club

"Thank you for a great afternoon. We really enjoyed the light banter between you and us; it is good to be able to make that sort of connection with a speaker. The presentation was delivered with a pleasing manner and we look forward to seeing you again."
Harrow Art Society